About Us

Founder of penmanbd.com
Founder of penmanbd.com

Who we are

Welcome to our website. Penmanbd.com is a technology related educational blog site. Here we share various articles on technology. This website starts Its journey on 1 March 2021, which is created by Md. Abdus Salam. Starting the journey of this website from a kind of hobby. But seeing your love and inspiration, now we are taking our website very seriously. We are all like a family with all the visitors and admins of our website. So everyone stay by our side in this way.

What is our goal

Our goal is to spread the knowledge of technology through our mother tongue Bengali. We want to elevate the Bengali language to the world by spreading the Bengali language internet. We have just started, we are hopeful that with your love and cooperation we can go a long way. Thank you for being by our side.

We are always grateful

The only reason behind our success is your love. Penmanbd is nothing without you. We are always grateful to our visitors. Fell free to communicate with us at any time. We feel very happy when anybody contact us from our website.

If you get in trouble in any way from our site, complain to me directly.